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can be said that the Sohu is one of the most prominent in all the special status of the portal, the official sponsor of the Olympic Games, the news broadcast and faster than other portal website has a great advantage.

Sohu this year for the revision of the Olympic Games is very successful, remember the last time I still often surf the Internet first open Sina News, and then go to the Sohu around, but since the Sohu after revision, think Sohu either page layout or open speed have greatly improved. So now become the Internet first Sohu.

Sohu on the Olympic Reports quite seriously, the home page took out a very large layout to report the Olympic information. And the home page toolbar is very clear given the Function Wizard, very practical. As shown in figure



Sohu is the official sponsor of the Olympic Games, so the data system of Sohu data to score system with the Olympic Games for docking, basically realizes the automation and synchronization, this point is very good, the Olympic Games broadcast system is very powerful, as shown below: < /p>


at the same time, Sohu’s Olympic video broadcast, information and so on are also very timely, can give users enjoy the Olympic Games bring convenience.

at the same time as Sohu Sogou Pinyin has accounted for about 50% of the desktop market, Sohu use the client to promote the broadcast of the gold medal has also achieved very good results.

overall, Sohu reported on the Olympic Games is very successful, which, from the recent Sohu Alexa can also be confirmed:




believe in online games for friends QQ gold pop not unfamiliar to it, once again, the little penguin beat the good news one after another, on this point, QQ to be the best.

Tencent popups "abnormal", it is understood that Ma Huateng at this point under the command of the dead.

QQ because of the huge user platform, so that QQ occupy a very large advantage in the report, but the overall depth of their website, and comprehensive information can only be used in general to describe, but based on a large user platform, these are not problems.

QQ relies on pop, portal, created a > QQ live

Analysis on the performance of the Olympic Games portals

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