do stand cool! Do stand very bitter! The most depressed is no one support you!

on the Internet for 6 years, their site also do five years, play their own web site also has four years before, when I was in college journalism professional, but because I love to engage in network, gas blowing the nose at his parents, have good professional news, trailer home relationship walk, let me go for news, look at my home each year to pay the transcripts, the family more than once advised me not "addicted" network.


network has been the traditional media attacks as pornography, violence, fraud, gambling, theft, rape, meet friends was raped and murdered… "The curse of


no wonder, do not know the network is a group of directors in the director’s * * * network to our previous generation, everybody seems to say "the Internet is worthless!"

I really crazy, I admit that I have the "Internet addiction", but I seldom play games, I learned that this man had no talent in the game above, seldom play games, are basically all the experience on their website


parents have earnestly advised me to leave the network, more than once scolded me, because I have a good friend, after the university has been addicted to the network, a fail the exam because of years read three years, has been a big, and later had headed out of the gate, because the pressure is too great, now he would advice my parents eyes.

02 years to 05 years, is the most crazy when I surf the Internet, to the Internet, then telling parents, with their own tuition to buy a computer, so tuition fees owed, then to the two company website, I also finished the tuition, ha ha, I have been in school by others do things to maintain vitality, and little family money, including second living expenses, tuition fees are my personal care. It tasted the sweetness on the Internet, then get out of hand, but at home in front of people to strive for, but still did not get the family support, because the family is always worried about my money from the Internet "cheat" over


I graduated from university in 2005, in Hangzhou in IT, our home in the west, on the network to understand there is very remote, basically in the last century! People home didn’t say what, because I stayed, then switch to the Netcom telecommunications unit, and I had to home explain I work in the telecommunications sector, the people at home to see the telecommunications sector very good


2007, the home, at that time I called a "Qinghai people" in Qinghai, a well-known forum, the family said why I said back to Xining to engage in Internet, the opportunity in Xining is more suitable for me, the family did not say what, to stay in Xining, but is still not very I began to engage in network support, for me to find the relationship between, in newspaper and other units. All I have been refused, for this thing, and parents almost fell out, but I finally parents or cattle, only.

Do webmaster, good integration with the family relationship is very important

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