September 9th news, on the eve of the APEC SME summit in 10 and the establishment of the Alibaba group on the eve of the general assembly in 2009, an exclusive interview with Taobao vice president Zhang Yong. Zhang Yong said that the next ten years, Taobao hopes to achieve the scale of trillions of transactions, the number of last year to 99 billion 960 million.

Zhang Yong said that Taobao’s long-term goal is to hope that through the development of e-commerce, the establishment of a new business civilization based on integrity. Although Taobao is developing very fast, but the Chinese online shopping market is still in its infancy, the online retail sales accounted for only 1.2% of the total volume of social retail goods, and the number of developed countries reached 6% to 8%.

says when defeat international e-commerce giant eBay problem, Zhang Yong said Taobao is not to defeat a particular opponent as a target, but also actively learn from the experience of eBay, and with the rapid development of Chinese huge market potential and consumption.

for Taobao’s current plan, Zhang Yong think Ma repeatedly mentioned in 5 years to more than WAL-MART will be the direction of Taobao’s efforts. And when the 10 anniversary of Taobao, the whole of China’s online shopping market in accordance with the industry forecast to account for the proportion of the total amount of social goods in the pocket of 4% to 5%, Zhang Yong hope that Taobao can play an important role in.

following interview record:

NetEase science and technology: members of NetEase users Hello, in the 10 anniversary of the Alibaba group, we came to the headquarters of Hangzhou Taobao. Invited Taobao CFO Mr. Zhang Yong, and we talk about the story of Taobao. Please introduce yourself to Zhang Zongxian.

Zhang Yong: Hello everyone, I am Taobao’s CFO, I am now in charge of Taobao mall business. Ali is the ten anniversary of a wedding day, I walked along with Taobao in recent years, also witnessed the development of Taobao very fast, witnessed the Ali family growing up, so today is very pleased to have this opportunity to share with friends of Taobao, one of Ali’s imagination.

Taobao is now very successful in China, with 145 million of its members. Taobao has not thought of coming out of China in the world to prove their success?

Zhang Yong: I think so. I think the whole development of Taobao from the beginning to the end there is a main line, is to meet the needs of consumers. At this level, regardless of where to go, or go out of the country or whether it is around the main line.

in the current stage, we have to do all kinds of attempts, the good many foreign consumers, including Hong Kong and Macao, including some products in other countries to Taobao for consumers, in fact also proved very popular with consumers. After a period of time we will do further work in this area, the more the better, the world’s products are introduced to Taobao users.

on the other hand, many overseas manufacturers are also entering the Chinese market CFO Zhang Yong hope that 10 years later do trillions of transactions

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