February 8th, an anonymous social application posted a blog, called the Baidu medical division overall abolition.

in this regard, the NetEase of science and technology to Baidu official confirmation, Baidu official yet to respond. There are people close to Baidu medical department to NetEase technology confirmed that there is indeed a matter, and said that Baidu has been preparing to leave medical insiders. However, Baidu medical management who told NetEase technology, has not received an official notice of the internal.

seems, Baidu internal understanding of the matter may still exist differences. There are rumors that Robin Li was the abolition of medical division decision before the Spring Festival last working day, but this argument has not yet been confirmed. Currently less than a week after the start of the Spring Festival, Baidu does not rule out internal communication may also be among them.

, however, it is certain that, since its inception in January 2015, the progress of Baidu medical department is not very smooth. Since 2015, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Ping An and other giants have entered the medical field, and as the focus of emerging business, but these attempts have encountered varying degrees of problems. Baidu medical department crashed, reflects the common problems in the Internet giant cross-border attempt.

however, this does not mean that Baidu completely cut off contact with the health care, the future of Baidu’s contact with the health care may be in a new way.

cross-border medical frustrated


on medical division of the abolition of news, is contrary to the industry expected.

in the combination of the Internet and traditional industries, health care has been regarded as the main area. In February 2014, Baidu’s architecture of the big adjustment, the medical treatment is also associated with the financial sector is regarded as the focus of the emerging business group with traditional industries.

in the second half of 2014, mobile health is on the air. At that time, rain doctors, Lilac Garden, registered net mobile medical enterprise won ten million yuan financing, fire up.

previously, there is consensus in the industry, in the combination of Internet and traditional industries, the medical industry is one of the most difficult, because the medical industry chain, particularly long, it relates to the doctors, medicines, medical equipment, medical insurance and other aspects, is very difficult to integrate these resources. Into the medical industry, companies need to do a good job preparing for protracted war.

Baidu medical department changes in anonymity broke the news, was attributed to the Ministry of health is the worst performance of the Department of EBG,…… The key is really nothing, only the concept of a medical brain, no practical use." This statement has not been confirmed.

, however, NetEase technology is sure that Baidu’s medical division business development is not smooth.

Baidu medical flagship "registered", initially hoped to do this logic is very clear — the "registration" is the first China patient’s pain points, but this attempt can hardly be successful. Download Baidu

Baidu medical to abolish Anyway, medical search will not say put put

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