on a foreign website to establish a MySQL PHP site. The site’s domain name is abc.123.com. Provides a MySQL database and phpMyAdmin. But I don’t know how to use phpMyAdmin to manage pictures. PhpMyAdmin can only manage text. Instead of managing images or files such as MP3 songs or associations between two fields,

if you can. So where is the uploaded image on the


I use the DW8 editor in the local. And connect to the remote server to connect to the database. The database connection is the following:

1 uses FTP to connect to the remote server.

2 connection name: connPage

server: localhost

user name: abc_page

password: *******************

(connection success)

3.123.com that site provides phpMyAdmin. Their phpMyAdmin address is www.123.com/phpMyAdmin/. Replace the site with 123. ABC is my username. Abc.123.com is my web site. After landing 123.com/phpMyAdmin/. Display as server: 123.com (Localhost via UNIX sockets); user: [email protected] (I use this connection in DW remote database success.


now the question is: how to manage the picture in this phpMyAdmin I find a lot of books. Can’t find。 MS SQL Server is really too big. I don’t know how to get it. PhpMyAdmin how to manage the picture or song file? I believe we can manage. But I don’t know where there is such a tutorial. Someone who wants to know. There is a picture or song file is placed on the site of my site it is not stored in the database of my FTP can be uploaded to the place (I do not know what it is. That’s when I landed on my site with Ftp. You can’t see the files. I don’t know where the data files are stored. Who wants to know tell me. I am very food, the last published a question, is how to automatically display the URL, such as Admin5, did not expect to be criticized by the browser, the heart is really uncomfortable. So I hope that the respondents do not curse.

How to use phpMyAdmin to manage images

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