believes that last night you are awake, if you are a PR, you must keep in front of the TV all staring at the 3.15 party, if you are not a PR, I’m afraid you are in front of the TV watching lively. Last night, the big three hungry, Baidu, Taobao turns on the headlines, the splendid degree simply called a harem drama.

1 the fear of God as opponents, afraid of pigs as teammates

once a year "PR Festival" 3.15 party last night officially ended, most of the injured this year is probably hungry, PR dogs just sit down, CCTV first shot hit the takeaway industry giant hungry.

CCTV unannounced visits to the video display, in a settled hungry platform "restaurant", the boss bite open directly into the ham sausage fried rice, cook with his fingers into the pot with the soup taste. What is more surprising, hungry platform to guide businesses fictional address, upload fake entity photos, even unlicensed black workshop in default.


hungry it was only more than and 10 minutes after exposure, Baidu encyclopedia hungry what entry was updated, adding the latest exposure of the information was 3.15. Although the user information entry Baidu encyclopedia can freely edit, but submitted to the audit by Baidu after the first time through, Lenovo to force Baidu takeaway, it is accidental.


this time, everyone thought, hungry public relations department should have been mad, certainly in the emergency meeting about various solutions, however, unexpected scene appeared in, spread out a hungry PR buddy group chat screenshots, hungry Beijing PR being bored "for the rose pink, called on everyone to quickly hungry subscription number.


pig teammates also have more than one, this is after all private group chat, a debut of the pig teammates can simply say "someone" someone outside the circle of friends again circulated a screenshot, called "hungry – Mr. big users sent a let people be struck dumb figure in the circle of friends CCTV, satire protection fees, he also updated their micro-blog, micro-blog certification, the" Mr. Big "is the hungry senior marketing manager. However, it is possible to recognize the wrong speech, Mr. Big after the second seconds to delete the micro-blog.


hungry PR EQ low, mainly hungry apparently did not realize the seriousness of the food safety, but full of cynical satire of CCTV for protection fees, not to the interests of consumers in the first place.

until 22:27, hungry finally through the official subscription >

Hungry and Baidu shooting itself in the foot with a Taobao trench smiling without a word

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