female webmaster Guo Cairong and I look for hair about ten years of about

asked Guo Cairong for the future of the web site what plan, Guo Cairong said his idea: ten years, adhere to the general public to provide a free exchange of information platform; ten years a day. Free of charge for the general public service. Guo Cairong admits: because forever too far, a lot of things can not be predicted. I can only be in the control of the time range, with their own strength, their ability, their influence, the public welfare of the free information platform to adhere to the end. Do each step, if ten years is a lesson, I have finished the homework 1/10

!24 year old

I was on the network MOPA roll

my first stop, is a pure HTML language, that time is not your home computer, in Internet cafes do, in Internet cafes, when many machines are WIN95, not to mention to install a OFFICE to use, do, is to do with notepad and EDIT. Computer news is my teacher, slowly, learned to steal someone else’s source code, the source code, or simply HTML, what is ASP, I do not know. Remember that year, I was reading a high. Year is 1999.

site IP more than 16 thousand but earn less than a penny

in 2006, started to learn asp, and find some thief procedures, integration released a set of "network station" program. Slowly familiar with the programming. Very hard publicity, very hard SEO, very hard to upgrade procedures. Finally fell ill, hospitalized, and later appeared on the Internet a "high Chen, a marketing method using dead stationmaster" article.

five years of my career and experience

remember the first contact site is 03 years, it is because I am stupid, school performance is not good, not on the high school, and later the family opened a cafe, for the interest on the network, so I called the day in the net bar. When the network is a new thing, Internet 5 yuan an hour Oh, but most people just go to the Internet chat in the chat room, I don’t love to chat, I am very interested in the site, in others in the chat room all night. I was playing with HTML in there, what FTP, and BBS DOS out of print house to butterfly QQ brute force password, then 6 bits are not hanging, night can have 10 to several 6, one or two 5 bit


‘s hard to do Wangzhuan experience

my university my dream? To the dream of the University, I was 05, when a new high school to get rid of the shackles of high school, ah want to play… That a play is a term, the term is really a waste of time now think really it is regret, did not learn something.

a non mainstream individual

Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (9.15-9.21)

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