recently, the first video site to spend tens of millions of low-cost acquisition of domain name, the domain name is currently turned to the first video website. domain name of the successful transaction, but also since the reform of the CN domain name system, one of the larger amount of domain name transaction case.

of course, domain name from its combination of view, the price of millions of dollars and even tens of millions of dollars is not surprising, CN domain name transactions and applications have been the focus of the direction of the terminal and investors. Terminal demand for domain names, not affected by the new policy. Similarly, in the context of the environment and the promotion of the CN domain name of the number of transactions gradually up.

previously, China Mobile had purchased domain name, has not been of great use. Recently, there is news that China Mobile will be formally integrated in July, all the names of the site, unified use of China Mobile as a local enterprise, the demand for CN domain name and value naturally self-evident. Basically, some local enterprises and even foreign companies, the development of the Chinese market, the same choice of Chinese CN domain name. The listed company has acquired several sets of 35 Internet stock code CN domain name, the other listed companies such as the Tianyuan dike, star cars, zqgame also bought back their stock code related to CN domain, other small terminal acquisitions is a single Alibaba, too many to count, the acquisition of a large number of three pieces of CN domain name.

from multiple case above we can see that recently the transaction frequency domain CN is on the rise, whether three spell domain name, successful trading or such Acura domain, indicating that CN domain name system since the full implementation, really ushered in the first wave, the domain name market "new vision" is ready.

     domain name again changed hands for a domestic buyer

Frequent acquisition of CN domain name market presents a new scene

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