September 16th 14 points to 18 points, the number of public QQ platform ( will open a limited beta, QQ at WeChat public release three years time again successfully from " " his brothers, and do not say how the future development, but at least now has become one of the most important to the news.

think WeChat very miserable, first grown young is too beautiful, not only is the "girl next door" Alipay as the object which is its own makeup, as sister " cosmetic " template, lead to QQ and WeChat now is almost the same.

2013 QQ version of the mobile phone release, by the abolition of the state of the online WeChat online mode of "illusion" salute WeChat;


4.1 version of the default background to run, learning WeChat emphasizes 24 hours of real-time online;

4.6 version, the new voice call work, followed by 4.6.2 support QQ wallet;

now, WeChat launched a public number connection mode.

from the product interface, product function, or social connection and positioning, mobile phone QQ and WeChat are highly overlapped, especially in the public release of the QQ number, QQ mobile phone is like a copy of WeChat. Double high product homogeneity and operation, each product is very important, this is a very strange phenomenon, are rare in any Internet Co, in the hundreds of millions of users of the product is only one.

QQ WeChat launched a public number, and WeChat is left and Bo


Liu Chengmin in the MIG era, mobile phone QQ and WeChat is indeed the right hand Bo, WeChat everywhere, even later detonated the speech function is also limited by the early launch of WeChat development through QQ chain development is the rhythm of bo. And after WeChat development, mobile phone QQ and super QQ era SNG, two although there is overlap, but has not left and Bo, but is complementary.

1, user group complementary

WeChat accounts for mature users and large city users, QQ occupy young users and low-end urban users. Above WeChat users 60% people over the age of 25, while QQ users 90 and 00 more than 50%.

QQ was once a representative of the low-end, so many white-collar workers in large cities prefer to use the MSN, there is no use of the same era of WeChat LINE. Starting from the first tier cities, serving the mobile phone users to seize the big cities WeChat users, white-collar workers and older users, the number is already the world’s first. Whether it is LINE, unfamiliar street, easy letter are far from rivals. It is worth mentioning that, WeChat is also the bearer of the internationalization strategy of Tencent, overseas market users last year has exceeded 100 million. Europe and the United States, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries have also opened the door for WeChat, more

QQ public numbers only Tencent can play up about complementary

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