U.S. mission brush has become a black industry chain.

December 29th, according to the "Beijing News" reported that in July this year, a more than 70 people Gang collusion dozens of stores and internal employees, brush single platform refund fraud using settlement process, just 10 time Yu Tian cheated amount to over $5 million.

alone in the United States 10 days brush single profit about 5000000, even to 100 yuan per unit calculation, there are 50 thousand single is out of the brush, and the surface is always just the tip of the iceberg.

single brush beauty group also become investors about headache discoloration, serious overdraft of U.S. credibility. Recently, according to one source: US wine tour split financing failed, because the wine sector gross profit for the group tour, don’t talk more profits, the winter capital, investors are very cautious, generally not the investment losses of enterprises.

the message also recently with the U.S. group internal staff broke the news of the employees in the micro-blog agree without prior without previous consultation, said "why not say, I think the U.S. group is very powerful, comment on how not, really into the beauty group, found beauty group is low, the U.S. group and reviews the merger, some comments feel sorry until now, almost beauty group review profit department in the comments……"



and the U.S. group claims that "in addition to takeaway delivery, all business reviews have been the United States mission to achieve overall profitability" on the contrary, a beauty wine spin off financing news brigade in August this year to raise a Babel of criticism of biography. So far in the past 4 months, coincides with the end of the investment season, investors will not be involved in the new year end inventory of new projects, which means that this year the United States Mission financing is almost zero.

U.S. mission Hotel gross margin due to negative losses caused by financing failure

U.S. mission of the hotel is the root cause of the failure of the spin off losses.

as a private enterprise, the real operation data of the United States mission is more difficult to obtain, its beauty group announced data.

such as hotel business, in July 2015, the United States announced the establishment of a group of hotel tourism group. In June this year, the new big had disclosed a few data accommodation business. The main content is that before May this year, the amount of hotel consumption between 46 million, of which, the first quarter of the amount of consumption between the night reached 26 million, an increase of 80%. In addition, 4, 5 for two months, the amount of consumption in the evening of a single month were more than 10 million nights.

but the announcement of the time such a beautiful performance, has been questioned in the industry, mainly concentrated in the statistics on the question of a nocturnal volume, because the U.S. group will account for a larger part of the housing for a night, with a real time room open 4 hours, a hotel one day most can count 6 nights, and OTA statistics in the traditional part of the housing is not included in the calculation range of night, only a night. This means that the United States announced the inter group

Us wine group travel financing frustrated bottom brush loss difficult to stop bleeding

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