"you see the technology blog, you optimistic about the technology blog", starting from the end of last year, such discussions frequently appear in the domestic "IT ring" meetings and dinner.

Robin Li group of internal mail call wolf, Ma Yun farewell Alibaba, left Tencent…… The world of science and technology is never short of news, of course, can not be separated from gossip and rumors. In the past, "insiders" at the table or table to discuss such topics, now more and more circles or outsiders put them in science and technology blog.

IT before 2012, most people love the domestic science and technology website every day over the wall to browse abroad, tracking and novelty product creative industry news. After 2012, even a glance at all kinds of domestic science and technology blog updated articles are enough to look at half a day.

no matter what you think, technology blog has come.

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2012, no doubt can be seen as the first year of the development of domestic science and technology blog.

this year, "China entrepreneur" the former executive editor Li Min founded the tiger sniffing the network "the first Economy & Finance Weekly" original writer Luo Yihang won the first round of angel investment in the establishment of the Pingwest, the "new weekly" reporter Zhao Hejuan to resign from the office of the original titanium media, sina IT Channel original editor Jin Jilei started hunting cloud network……

even the early establishment of the technology website, have also been adjusted in this year, including "love child norm" and "36 krypton" etc..

why in 2012, in the face of this problem, perhaps Jin Jilei’s answer can represent the views of these technology bloggers, the time is ripe."

"science and technology circle arena color is very thick, has always been a high degree of media attention, and for the IT circle of concern, now not only exist in the fancier and IT, the pan IT people even the masses of consumers are concerned that something in science and technology." Jin Jilei added, and traditional media, the portal technology channel, still a lot of time to wear and

cuff dance "," usually, when the conflict of interests and the point of advertising, the site will subject to the advertising demand." This makes a lot of people like Jin Jilei, unwilling to be bound by the media turned to find new ways of expression.

micro-blog’s production to a large extent pushed the technology blog." Back in 2008 Wilson (Wang Weixing) was established at that time a few technology blog love van son, even so, in recent years, changes in the external environment has made him feel. "Social media for technology blog provides a better platform, cheaper promotion, so good articles more easily spread, readers can more easily access to independent website, let between these technology blog and traditional portal competition become possible."

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