the latest news, Comsenz (Comsenz) official plan to release a Discuz 7.1 test version in the near future. The test version of the code for the GBK to provide a new installation and upgrade procedures, and then test the situation to determine the official release time. Discuz! Version 7.1 further improvement and innovation of community forum system, users in Discuz! Can register an account to build 7.1 community forums, login browse more exciting content, and keep publishing views and we exchange interaction, innovation and application experience of mainstream network community in 2009.

users in the community forum is the core application of effective information acquisition. When the user in the "forum", found a very interesting topic often requires a certain time cost. If the user turned to a post, the theme and the contents of the reply are very interesting, this time the user must also want to know the development of posts. The "focus" function, you can easily achieve the theme of information interaction, users only need to put the themes of marked attention, other members of the reply to the theme, notify the user will receive an interactive. Whether post or reply, users only need to click of a mouse, you will see what "like-minded" the theme of the reply.


figure 01 post selection theme attention

"theme" is not only the realization of the details of the community forum, but also the design concept innovation based on respecting the user’s reading habits. The user blind to browse articles easily form reading fatigue, "focus" can easily display theme information active users care to the user, so the effective information of users to obtain more accurate and efficient.


Figure 02

kantie topic on

to respond to the post move up, so that users concerned about the forum post reply was immediately notified, bubble forum is not a special feeling ah?

Discuz! 7.1 the theme of the forum posts to move

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