Apple Corp launched a browser in the windows operating system: Safari 3 beta. At the same time, apple CEO Jobs began to attack the Firefox browser is broken, sooner or later will be Safari to its market share. So Mozilla coo John Lilly began to hurt Jobs, but the tone is not so fierce, but the surface to the media to do a show.

      how to Firefox’s fate? Wang Tong to give you an analysis:

      to analyze the Firefox fate, it is necessary to analyze why can be achieved today of Firefox Firefox, how to make money, and then analyze the relationship between the IT and all the chiefs of the Firefox, then Firefox destiny is clear.

      1, the Firefox browser how to make money?

      in the Internet field, I like a word: silent money!

      let others see how you make money model, is a very successful way to make money!

      Firefox profit mode is a bit subtle, but very simple: from the search engine where penny! Firefox’s default search engine is Google, Firefox flow is larger, more traffic to Google, and from Google where to more money. So far, the Firefox browser from Google where to have tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

      Firefox is open source, so it attracted a lot of people free to give it, but it is to earn money and a lot of smart?

      2, Firefox why will be successful?

      by the early version of Firefox friends should have wondered if the media is so serious, how to use the problem so much bad?
      the answer is simple: it is not a good start, but you still use, that is because Firefox marketing too cattle X!

      Firefox marketing why so successful? Where is the key?

      Wang Tong think its key points in the occasion!


Wang Tong Firefox can fire long

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