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              recently, the Ministry of public security, the national anti pornography working group office and other departments will carry out special action to combat Internet pornography in the country, in accordance with the provisions of law, clean up illegal and criminal on the Internet, such as pornography, online pornography and gambling, fraud and other illegal trap blackmail and impose exactions on criminal behavior. The new network will also actively participate in the "special action pornography", and launched a series of internal verification, verification of the key object is a BBS directory sites, the majority of users to actively cooperate with the. The specific contents are as follows:

1 notice, no record of the BBS website, in accordance with the provisions of the Decree No. thirty-third "non operational Internet information services management approach" for the record, please as soon as possible to your places of residence Provincial Communications Authority to submit electronic bulletin service special archival materials;
2, on the BBS website, to strictly implement the real-time monitoring of the content on the website, please immediately delete their own bad content;
3, not for the record and have illegal content in accordance with the relevant provisions of the BBS website, please consciously clean content or close the site; once found in the verification work, Xinwanghulian right without informing the user, close the site WEB access and FTP services; and the termination of dns!
4, due to the presence of illegal content on the BBS website, may directly be nominated audit authority closed, once closed will no longer be allowed to open, please note. All of the consequences of the information provided on the site BBS are assumed by the domain name owner!

Beijing new network technology Co., Ltd.
2007 August 29th

mportant notice on the fight against nternet pornography in accordance with the law

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