news May 20th, learned from the A shares "China Internet the first" Netsun, business Bao’s small portal – "Chinese special automobile network" officially launched, committed to creating the most special automobile industry professional website, this also means that business treasure formally enter the B2B industry special vehicle.


China Special Purpose Vehicle Network screenshot

in Chinese special column navigation car network of the home page, set up supplier, product catalogs, new supply, business opportunities, information, exhibition, recruitment, brand, business, business loans, etc. Can be seen from the settings of the column, are around a series of needs of enterprise users and expand. In the web site’s top search box, you can search for products, suppliers, the latest supply, business opportunities, information, etc..

In addition to

page navigation columns, the site is mainly set up columns including: corporate recommendation, product recommendation, VIP supply, new investment, exhibition information, the website below also set up brand enterprises, industrial enterprises, partners and other columns. The settings of these columns, the company played a very good role in promoting.

at present, a large number of domestic network marketing platform, and the choice of a precise, effective and convenient marketing platform for enterprises is essential. China special vehicle network based on business treasure "small portal + strategic alliance mode, make enterprises to do promotion in special vehicle Chinese online, can also be extended to the relevant professional website of many industrial chain, greatly saves the enterprise promotion cost, enhance the efficiency.

data shows: because of special automobile varieties, different factors and the degree of the impact of the external environment is different, special automobile parts market rose varieties are expected to. In the limited size of the market, the special automobile enterprises will give full play to their respective advantages, grasp the market demand, the depth of mining potential market, in order to maintain and enhance the market share as the first goal, the enterprises are facing the market competition environment has become more serious.

2013, China special vehicle market external environment will produce the following changes: one is China’s economy in 2013 will be to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth as the center, while maintaining stability, continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy; the two is the full implementation of "western development" in 12th Five-Year "plan" will have a leading role strong on transportation and engineering, special automobile market; three is the 2012 national development and Reform Commission has approved a city close to the 30 rail transit and railway construction planning projects and 24 airport construction and expansion projects, a total investment of nearly 1 trillion yuan; the four is the implementation of the January 1, 2013 "defective automobile product recall management the regulations" of the special vehicle product quality supervision and management role; five is a heavy duty diesel engine in July 1, 2013 started the implementation of the standard IV emission The management of the fuel consumption limits of quasi and more stringent heavy duty commercial vehicles will be

Business treasure into the special purpose vehicle B2B dedicated line

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