January 6th afternoon news, informed sources, domestic classifieds site Ganji will acquire 263 online (www.263.com), the amount of mergers involved will reach 10 million yuan, the two sides have reached a consensus, will be officially announced. Ganji internal staff also confirmed the news.


said that the two sides cooperate for a long time, at present, 263 online this year to poor performance, while Ganji also want to expand the scale of business, after the merger of two major sites for business integration. But in early today announced that 9:00263.com will be upgraded to the website, the person said, 263 online will be upgraded and ganji.com comprehensive integration.


ganji.com confirmed the deal, but did not disclose the transaction amount and the specific details, and said the company will next week officially announced details.

Ganji was founded in February 2005, is a leading information platform, has launched the station in the 343 major city. Ganji is science and technology investment direction of the world’s most influential magazine "red herring" in 2009 as the Asian top 100. 263 since 1999 involved in the Internet business, but mediocre performance for a long time. 2006, 263 network communications has announced that peel belongs to the online business of the 8, then, the online transformation of the 263 classified information website, and in 2007 involved in the desktop client.

Relevant statistics show that

, 2009 China classified information website market size will reach 30 billion yuan, the classification information of domestic market, from the original to the thousands of dozens of well-known and experienced a brutal competition process. Industry analysts believe that the acquisition of 263 ganji.com online classified information industry will accelerate a new round of reshuffle process.

Ganji.com plans to buy 263 online classifieds site began to shuffle

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