[Abstract] Baidu paid 500 million euros to acquire a share of $70%, and the remaining $200 million will be paid at the end of next season.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) April 18th news, according to the Rome sports news, Baidu is in contact with the senior AC Milan, will invest 700 million euros ($5 billion 100 million) in full acquisition of Milan. According to the statement, Baidu recently paid 500 million euros to acquire 70% of the shares, the remaining 200 million euros to pay will end in the next season, to buy out the remaining 30% of the shares.

, such as rumors come true, Baidu CEO Robin Li will become the country’s first foreign sports club full holder. An industry source pointed out that Baidu has always been known for technology, in addition to the search, to get involved in the field is only O2O, unmanned vehicles and other fields, it is difficult to imagine Baidu will buy Milan.

Tencent science and technology call Baidu public relations department, the other said no comment.

this is the latest technology companies in mergers and acquisitions overseas football team. Earlier, sources said, in addition to Suning group before, there are two Chinese companies interested in the acquisition of inter equity. They want to get a 20% stake in the international Milan club with a bid of $60 million – 90 million.

inter President Thohir wants to give up the control of the club, so in the sale of their own shares, he also plans to buy back part of the former chairman Moratti hand.

December 2015, Suning also announced officially took over Jiangsu football, Jiangsu Suning Football Club officially launched. At the press conference, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning, said Su Ning is not interested in football, I am a super fan, my favorite is the German team."

Zhang Jindong said that the future of sports industry is an important driving force for Chinese economic and social development, considering from Suning industrial layout perspective, an important part of the layout of the sports section is Suning industrial upgrading, brand positioning from the future perspective, the connotation of Suning brand and communication channels are in constant innovation, "the need for more young the fashion and the Internet, the brand and the fit of football is becoming more and more high."

earlier, according to England’s "express& star"; website disclosure, NetEase CEO Ding Lei is likely to acquire the championship with wolves. The acquisition negotiations have been going on for months, and are anxious to sell the wolves owner Steven Morgan, also intends to facilitate the transfer of a stake in the club as soon as possible.

According to

CEO Jez Moxey said the wolves, the club has worldwide looking for a club with all development planning. Recently, the wolves have been received from all over the world as much as 30-40’s intention to buy, after careful screening and serious, Minnesota has been locked in 10 good qualified acquirers to negotiate, and this one, including NetEase boss Ding Lei.

earlier, Alibaba shares Hengda football club, in November 2015, Hengda Taobao has been in

Biography Baidu intends to acquire 5 billion 100 million AC Milan nternet companies have engaged in

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