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to tell you for the do flow, some people may go to practice, but the majority of the articles will be deleted as advertising or not through the audit, even if the audit, a top has been sealed, will intensify efforts to restrict people to advertise, who call us don’t give the money, you say it.

today and then teach you a method, let not your soft seal This method will lose some of the traffic, so if you are soft master, your article will not be deleted, it doesn’t have to learn it.

point and check post, judge whether what is the poster? Should be the first to see whether there is a link or URL, and then is obvious advertising posts. If these two are limited, you can not write what is estimated to have valuable soft Wen, then, how to let the keep your posts, and keep your address? One way is your article, you are in a relationship with the website, and the content of value, so it will not be deleted, for example, when the Yangtze River No. seven was released, someone made a TT Player the Yangtze River No. seven skin, very beautiful, I also see outside, let him get to my website, available for download, is actually very small, does not occupy a space, and then to a share post, said to find a super beautiful skin, is the seven of the Yangtze River, and then put a renderings, very shocked, then followed by the address, of course is my site, so the top after a lot of people to thank me, the moderator will not delete Except for you, your purpose is reached. For example, QQ has just been launched when the input method, can’t remember which portal, wrote a full evaluation, immediately copied to, under OK, to keep up with the download address, the effect is very good.

some friends may say, if this method is only suitable for download station better, our entertainment station, station, and so on, how to do? If you add some download, too much, and the site does not match. It doesn’t matter, I’ll teach you a better way.

this method I give you said in the group, by the way I group, webmaster exchange group, 8455313, which very few people, there is no veteran group, are all new, but the biggest feature is the group I, nobody said a word, at half a month, oh. Although, turn back to say, I can say to do with the QQ flow in the group at that time, we immediately said, know this method, hang QQ, Hang Hang chat rooms, QQ friends, or even hanging Sina blog (this method, several hanging flow estimated that most people all know, if you know. I can think of to write a article), hang out flow in my method is not so, so hang flow is too tired, too much consumption of resources, and even want to use a computer to hang, my method does not need to hang, just use the QQ to pull traffic. I don’t speak theory, say, believe that we can see this article webmaster is extremely clever and my people:


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Do your traffic crooked ways (two)

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