morning news (reporter Sun Yu) 217 buy site disappeared, the total number of national websites in 3052, compared with last year, less than more than 2000. The day before, group purchase site navigation group released a 800 group purchase survey data, in April the domestic group purchase market total turnover of 1 billion 690 million yuan, down 2.4% from the previous month, group purchase passengers fell 6%, reducing the total number of open group 7%. Behind this series of shrinking, as well as the Titanic 3D and other strong film support, movie tickets to buy this month for the first time exceeded 200 million yuan, up to $12.8% of box office revenue that month. But experts pointed out: the movie ticket basically belongs to the group purchase group purchase website "zero profit" and even money underwriting products, the actual risk of heavy group purchase.

According to the 800

Group founder Hu Chen introduced large group purchase station in April, facing a transition pressure method, have taken the merger or joint operation, reduction of online advertising in order to further control the operation cost, to achieve profitability goals as soon as possible. Such as Wo Wo Group and go to market together, F group hand Gaopeng, and handles network and Jingdong from local cooperation group purchase "help integration mode". The small group buying site is still facing a closed situation, in April there are 217 sites disappear.

group purchase items, movie tickets is still thriving. According to statistics, in April the national cinema box office reached 1 billion 640 million yuan, compared to the same period last year doubled, group purchase ticket 8 million 133 thousand passengers, a total of about 40 million tickets, that is to say, more than 20% of the audience from the group purchase. But industry analysts, this may be false prosperity". Because the website group purchase movie tickets basically do not make money or lose money, if the subsequent encounter movie season and group purchase station is still failed in other category to find another breakthrough, "Titanic" will not prevent the group purchase industry into a period of stagflation.

Another 2.4% network group purchase group purchase consumption will fall below 3000

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