at this stage, a lot of people are relying on Baidu, Google to do this, spend a lot of money to buy keywords that, once the keyword ball dropped, the flow will decrease rapidly, often a headache, this is one of the.

I want to say: the cost of a second investment in Baidu, Google, if it is a professional website that fortunately, for a new category of sites such as capable network is a bit much. If you want to select the key word, it will be a terrorist figure, each plate must have dozens, or even hundreds, really scary.

don’t promote really only by Baidu Google keyword? We are really at a loss what to do it? I want to explore a way, not too new, a lot of friends have said, I want to talk about according to their own feelings. It’s actually very practical. Blog promotion.

I said the blog promotion is not a simple message, send short messages, plus friends, plus circle, but the intention to operate blog. If we often pay attention to Sina and Baidu, it will find a strange phenomenon: whenever a hot news on Sina, Baidu will be included in a timely manner. I did a statistics:

upload a video on Sina, Baidu will generally be included within 20 minutes. If some content does not involve state affairs, does not involve national policy, even within 10 minutes will be included. The most classic is: a few days ago, China made aircraft carrier, is very popular, I made a: Chinese aircraft carrier science fiction video soon included, and did not spend much effort, my click is about to break a thousand. Really happy.

two in Sina to do hot news, write their own, and then refer to some information, write a blog post, will be included within 20 minutes. Let me surprise is: ranking very forward.

through these phenomena: I come to a conclusion, Baidu sina. As long as you run well, a Sina blog will continue to bring you a lot of traffic every day. As we all know, I’d like to talk about my own blog.

how to do it?

I summarized several aspects: friendship connection, picture display, good soft Wen, good blog interaction, establish their own circle. Combined with their own experience to talk about.

a friendship connection

Connect the

can make your own website in the above, but there is a premise, you have to run their own weight, only in this way, we can not only Everfount for their site delivery traffic, and played a very good supplement to the website.

two pictures show

good pictures can timely guide visitors to access your site, visitors can see Links, but "pictures" in the Sina blog location is very eye-catching, can take advantage of, we can set up some links, click on the picture you can visit our website directly. By the way, we provide a free navigation website: http:>

Webmasters do not rely on Baidu Google blog with a world

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