Xining airport actively respond to the first snowfall in the year of the snake

19:51 in February 17th, the year of the snake first snow dump of Xining airport, the snow continued to 18 days 08:00, during the Xining airport not only ensure the 6 station flight, but also to ensure that the 3 night flight in the morning take off on time, not a flight is delayed because of snow, the successful completion of the first year of the snake in the ice and snow.

Xining branch of the people’s Bank of Jiangsu Province to stabilize the financial operation of the s

Xining branch of the people’s Bank of China to strengthen financial regulation and control, promote financial reform, maintain financial stability, improve foreign exchange management, financial stability for the province to run a good steering wheel. As of the end of 6, the province’s financial institutions and foreign currency deposits of 98 billion 50 million yuan, the loan balance of $79 billion 763 million, an increase of 22.52% over the same period last year and 15.8%.

to play a good "window guidance" role, since this year, the people’s Bank of Xining branch in the underdeveloped areas to increase financial support, efforts to solve the bottleneck problem of the province’s economic and social development and weak links, do a good job of disadvantaged groups and financial support as the currency credit management focus, in view of the current financial institutions in our province in the long term loan growth continued to slow in the current situation, and actively guide financial institutions to support the work of key areas, key projects, pillar industry and industry credit, to support the development of the Qaidam circular economy, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone and the construction of enterprise independent innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction project investment and construction, strengthen the county economy, small and medium enterprises, "three rural", laid-off workers, poor students credit support, the province to maintain a reasonable growth of money and credit, promote Economic and financial interaction, coordinated development. read more

Qinghai characteristics of cultural products sales unpopular

This year, in the case of shrinking domestic cultural products consumer market, the province through going out to participate in various types of fairs, so that sales of cultural products in Qinghai hot, sales hit a new high. This year, the provincial press and publication department organization culture and 211 cultural enterprises in Shenzhen, Xi’an, Xiamen, Beijing and other places held fair and China – Northeast Asia Expo, repeatedly won the outstanding organization award and the best of show award, cultural products sales exceeded ten million yuan, 10 million 462 thousand and 500 yuan, 18 million 144 thousand yuan order, signed intention the agreement of 60 million yuan of funds. In early December, at the ninth Beijing museology, 26 cultural enterprises of the office of Qinghai province organized the exhibition, the characteristics of cultural products sales revenue reached 2 million 796 thousand yuan, 3 million 330 thousand yuan order, sales record in the previous Beijing fair record. In addition to the display of hand-painted Thangka, Thangka filigree, Handmade Tibetan carpets, Kunlun jade, the Yellow River stone art painting, clay sculpture, painting, pottery, leather carving villi and other unique main varieties, but also a new exhibition in Jianzha County, colorful sky Nangqian Tibetan paper and the "soul" of 10 meters long scroll painting, exhibiting a variety of 6000 kinds of. Unique national folk cultural products, so that the Qinghai pavilion has become the most beautiful exhibition hall. Our province culture industry investment project promotion brochure, "beautiful Qinghai" and "the development of cultural industry in Qinghai province" video, national non Heritage Representative inheritors, Qinghai master of Arts and crafts field skills performances attracted many viewers, many merchants optimistic about our province characteristics of cultural products market outlook.   read more

To promote innovation and development of comprehensive management work

The afternoon of April 24th, the city’s comprehensive management and peace Xining construction work conference, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong attended the meeting, Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda department, city union chairman Wang Haihong, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Zhang Zhijun, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Tong Dexiang attended the meeting.

, Su Rong on the city’s comprehensive management and peace building this year, to establish capital consciousness, fulfill the responsibility, in accordance with the implementation of the responsibility, hold the bottom line, according to law stability requirements, always maintain the provincial capital of the social and political stability. Illegal organization to engage in various kinds of special rectification division of infiltration and sabotage activities and illegal activities, so that the outcrop hit, without mercy. Referring to "Fengqiao Experience", to further promote the "Fengqiao Experience" in Xining, specific and practical, the implementation of "local management responsibility, their own affairs to solve, promote to resolve the disputes to expand the source of governance. read more

Strengthen confidence to enhance the image of the overall situation of the public service to the pub

January 23rd, municipal committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua at the municipal government deputy secretary general Ma Haizhou, city traffic bureau Party Secretary Wei Zhiguo, deputy director, city bus company chairman Yu Jinyuan accompanied by condolences to our city bus taxi industry advanced characters and difficulties of employee representatives. And stressed that, to strengthen confidence, cohesion, enhance the image, maintain the overall situation, to provide more safe, convenient, comfortable, civilized travel environment for the general public and merchants, the Xining bus taxi into the city beautiful movement name card, to build a more prosperous, more beautiful, more livable modern Tibetan Plateau center city to make contributions. read more

Xining City ndustrial and commercial consumer rights vanguard activities initial success

"how to allow enterprises to win the trust of consumers is the key to the next step, I think, first of all enterprises should be credible and reliable, let the people safe shopping consumption, as clear as noonday"…… Recently, the Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau led the organization of the theme of "consumer rights HuiWanjia Business Forum warm atmosphere, from Xining Bridge Trading Co. Ltd., Gansu kuniyoshi supermarkets and other 21 companies on behalf of positive speech, criticism and suggestions. read more

Xining to Yushu to build second channels

Recently, our province traffic project "12th Five-Year" National Highway 227 line to the dari banma Dawu highway extension project officially opened the prelude to the building. At present, the whole line of 10 construction tenders, 5 supervision service units, in accordance with the project construction management arrangements, seize the golden period of construction, organization of human, material and financial resources, the full implementation of the project construction work. Marked in 2015, the province’s first traffic new project officially started construction.

by dari to banma Dawu highway extension project length of 330.8 kilometers, the main line of 294.8 km, 36 km connecting line. The route starting point is located in the West Long Highway and Dawu town town road the Yellow River Road intersection, stop at the end point banma County, the main line in two road construction standards, project investment 3 billion 417 million yuan, the construction period of 3 years. The road is our province highway and waterway traffic "12th Five-Year" development plan of highway planning in the longitudinal part of the three line, is the "national highway network planning" in the province of new important sections of nine ordinary National Highway fifth G227 highway in Zhangye and menglian. At the same time, the highway is an important part of Yushu, Hainan green line two in Xining is Golog, through second channels, Sichuan Shiqu Dawu to Yushu, in the western region and national highway in our province the main skeleton highway network in the key position of North and south. read more

Xining 15 private medical institutions own weak management level of business

day before the Municipal Health Bureau, the city’s 15 private hospital management activities, ten basic medical quality management assessment to make informed, pointed out that the overall situation reflects the results of the inspection of private medical institutions practicing law consciousness unceasingly strengthens, but also exposed some problems and drawbacks.

inspection results that by carrying out the activities of the year of hospital management and carry out ten basic medical quality evaluation and management activities, my private medical institutions in non health technical staff is greatly reduced, without the occurrence of major medical accidents and cases of illegal medical complaints and medical disputes decreased significantly. However, most of the private medical institutions generally existing professional and technical personnel is not stable, its management is weak, low level of business; individual medical institutions practicing law consciousness is poor, more than doctors did not change the address, practicing non professional posts, there are still some super medical subjects; part of the medical institutions and medical personnel on-site operation questions are not skilled; individual medical staff in the service of unreasonable examination, medication unreasonable phenomenon, and outpatient medical records, prescription writing is still not standardized. read more

To put any new cadres honest conversation

To strengthen the education, management and supervision of the new promotion of leading cadres, leading cadres to further enhance the ideals and discipline of the sense of purpose, in October 28th the positive performance of their duties, take the initiative to play, and 73 county-level leading cadres in the city in July 2014 to September 2015 the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the new promotion were honest conversation and Party discipline knowledge test.