A Year in Retail Advancements

first_imgBetween whirlwind elections, shocking celebrity deaths, and storied World Series wins, 2016 has been a busy year full of news, happenings, and — of course — technological advances. Retail was no stranger to these changes, with the future of the industry more tightly linked to evolving technology than ever before. Mobile payments are expected to hit $1 trillion sales next year, digital wallets are advancing, the IoT is aiding retail in many ways while demanding security improvements, and those are just a few of the incremental increases we’ve seen in 2016. Next year, omnichannel planning to optimize customer experience will be needed to take advantage of the market changes 2016’s advances bring to 2017. As we look forward to a new year with countless retail innovations, let’s take a look back at what we learned in the past 365 days.Shopper AnalyticsUnderstanding your customers has always been important, and this year saw retail strategy delving into smart analytics to specialize campaigns geared toward wooing shoppers. This added data can be used to convert shopper info into customer loyalty, something Intel-powered processing helps with. More and more shoppers are going digital and whether it’s adding POS tablets or digital signage to make customers’ in-store experience match their online expectations, Intel is focused on understanding current innovations so we can help push future evolutions in retail. These seven ways retailers use data to deliver impressive customer service are the perfect way to demonstrate the need for analytics in the next year.Evolving POSIt’s hard to keep up on retail trends, but point-of-sales (POS) systems did a lot to stay on top of the market this year. If you want to know where POS is going, it helps to know where it’s been. Our look back on POS in the past and present can help with that. Then it’s time to look to the future. Mobile POS, vending, POS refresh, and the increasing need for POS security are all subjects tackled in this roundup of ways Intel vPro will play a key role in retail during the holiday season. Compliment that read with these four predictions for the future of POS evolution to find out why diversified POS and POS in the IoT are the ways of the future. Need proof? This case study on how a POS update helped Morris Build-All Centres Ltd. is an educational read. And don’t forget: As POS diversifies, the need for increased security is essential. The future is more upon us now than ever, so don’t sleep on POS refresh and upgrades with these four things retailers can gain from mobile POS.Retail in the IoTThe Internet of Things has been one of the largest conversations in technology this year, with October’s DDoS attacks taking the term and concept of the IoT into the mainstream more than ever before. While increased IoT security will be essential in 2017, the potential the IoT offers the retail market is staggering and not something to shy away from. Learn how the Intel Retail Sensor Platform (RSP) and its Intel IoT Gateway is helping brick-and-mortar stores remain relevant in the increasingly digital world. Intel RSP is also a key to IoT-enabled inventory management, saving time and money while helping retailers better assist customers to find what they’re looking for. Kiosks and vending are two other retail advancements tied to the IoT, offering online shopping in store, the ability to quickly change signage, and other ways to tap into customers and increase their satisfaction. Speaking of, learn how digital signage is changing industries like apparel with endless inventory and dining with interactive menus. IoT devices like mobile POS and digital signage are being increasingly used, something we should see more of in 2017, so it’s important to understand why unified commerce is so important for improving omnichannel consistency to optimize customer experience.Intel-powered IoT devices have started to convert retail stores into living, breathing things. Smart sensors help deliver inventory accuracy, which can help with timely restocking needs, while RFID tags paired with this smart platform aid retailers by reducing losses from overstocked, misplaced, or out of stock items. IoT devices are also empowering sales associates, allowing them to engage customers with accurate, at-their-fingertips information to help drives sales. By tying simple items to the IoT, Intel helped transform retail in the past year — a trend that’s sure to continue.As old man 2016 exits and baby new year arrives, the future of retail looks bright thanks to these many tech innovations and evolutions. Make sure to stay on the forefront of retail advancements next year with Intel’s solutions by reading our blogs on the IT Peer Network. And stay abreast of the retail future as it happens with our social media feed of retail news on Twitter.last_img read more

Jay Bhanushali becomes shooting expert after Desi Kattey

first_imgTV actor Jay Bhanushali, who is making his debut in Bollywood with action-drama Desi Kattey`, says his character in the film eventually turned him into a shooting expert.The 29-year-old Kayamat` actor is playing a pistol manufacturer in the Anand Kumar directed film. “I play this character called Gyani. He is a boy who makes desi pistol since he was a child. It is a story about how this boy represents India as a shooter in Olympics.”I became a shooting expert after dealing with pistols so much. When the story was narrated to me by Anand (director), I thought this is the film I should start my film career with,” Bhanushali said.’Desi Kattey` is set to hit theatres on August 28. Known for his boy-next-door image on the small screen, the actor has gone for a major makeover for the film. He has grown his beard for the role.Desi Kattey is set to hit theatres on August 28″I have worked hard for this look. It has been almost eight months since I shaved. I also had to lose weight for the first half of the film but in the second half I had to look little bit muscular. So, I had to work on the transformation,” he said.Bhanushali said he would soon be getting back to his normal look for his stint on TV. The actor has done a variety of things on TV, be it hosting shows, playing the lead in soaps or participating in reality shows.advertisementWhen asked the difference between the big screen and small screen, he said, “I don`t think there is much difference between TV and films because the amount of hard work people do in TV is similar to films. In fact, we work for 24 hours in TV. Rather, TV has trained me very well as an actor,” he said.Bhanushali finds the exchange of actors between TV and silver screen a good thing and says he made sure his film debut is different from his colleagues.”When I was signing this film my thought process was that the film I do should not be similar to my co-actors who have come from television to films. This film is related to gangsters and sports,” he said.last_img

Video: Jameis Winston Is Watching Film On Memorial Day

first_imgJameis Winston sits at home and watches game film on a tablet.Jameis Winston Film WatchingThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers kick off their season on September 13 this year, which means that rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, former Heisman Trophy winner at Florida State, has less than four months to figure out the team’s entire playbook. Luckily, Winston, the No. 1 overall pick in this past year’s NFL Draft, seems to be taking his new job seriously. Monday, Winston reposted a video, shot by his friend, that shows him studying film on a computer on Memorial Day. While we’re sure he enjoyed some of the holiday, it’s a great sign for Bucs fans.Winston and the Bucs take on the Tennessee Titans in their season opener. Oddly enough, he could face off against Marcus Mariota again – the quarterback opposite him in his last college football game.last_img read more

Tensions rise as Idle No More rolls on

first_imgAPTN National NewsAn Idle No More round dance in Edmonton attracted two counter demonstrations during what was an otherwise peaceful protest.In a separate incident a truck tried to drive through a protest, the second such time in the last week.This comes as the Alberta justice minister said he’s angry with the protest tactics and is looking for ways to crack down on demonstrations.APTN National News reporter Keith Laboucan has the story.last_img

Regina King Thankful After Narrowly Avoiding Being Crushed by Philadelphia

Regina King Thankful After Narrowly Avoiding Being Crushed by Philadelphia

Regina King almost got crushed by 7 feet and 249 pounds of basketball player on Wednesday night as she took in the visiting Philadelphia 76ers’ game against the New York Knicks.The “If Beale Street Could Talk” star narrowly missed being a casualty of 76ers center Joel Embiid when he raced after a loose ball during the Feb. 13 matchup in New York’s Madison Square Garden. During the second half of the Sixers’ 126-111 win over the Knicks, Embiid bounded into the stands and avoided hitting the Oscar nominee, who put her arms over her head to protect herself. Instead, Embiid kicked and fell onto an MSG Network statistician, whom he helped up. He later apologized to the statistician.Regina King was sitting courtside Wednesday, Feb. 13, at Madison Square Garden in New York when Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid leaped over her as he tried to keep the ball in bounds during the third quarter against the New York Knicks. (Photo by James Devaney/Elsa/Getty Images)“It’s good that I saved her life, I guess, but someone else had to, like, take that,” Embiid later told ESPN. “I’m sorry about that.”He added the unplanned moment was something “I haven’t done that since my rookie season — and it just happened.”As for how King is holding up, she tweeted Wednesday thanking the Lord and the NBA star for his “athletic abilities.”“Crisis averted 🙏🏾” she added.Yoooo. Thank you God and @JoelEmbiid for your athletic abilities. Crisis averted 🙏🏾 https://t.co/LLTtzECuV4— Regina King (@ReginaKing) February 14, 2019Fans of the actress were equally as thankful that Embiid didn’t fall on top of her.“Whew! Thank God. I would hate to see you win your Oscar in a neck brace.”“@ReginaKing girl! You are a national treasure! Do we need to bubble wrap you from now on?!?”“I love that he made sure he didn’t so much as let his foot touch her. Shout out to the dude in back he landed on. He took that L on behalf of chivalry.”“🗣PROTECT REGINA AT ALL COSTS!!”“He almost knocked the Huey Freeman out of the queen!😳” read more

Ezekiel Elliott blasts coaching staff announces decision to leave after Ohio States

OSU junior running back Ezekiel Elliott (15) stumbles while carrying the ball in a game against Michigan State on Nov. 21. OSU lost, 17-14. Credit: Samantha Hollingshead | Photo EditorIn a somber postgame interview room after No. 3 Ohio State’s 17-14 loss to No. 9 Michigan State, a frustrated Ezekiel Elliott did not hold back his feelings after only receiving 12 carries in the upset.The junior running back put the coaching staff on blast about the play-calling and disclosed he spent time in the hospital during the week, while also announcing Saturday was his final game at Ohio Stadium before leaving for the NFL.“It’s very disappointing,” Elliott said. “In the one drive that we had where we kind of had some momentum, when we scored after the strip-sack, the plays we ran, we ran a lot of gap schemes, and we were gassing them.“You saw that on that drive, and we had a lot of momentum, and honestly, we didn’t see those plays at all for the rest of the game. Those plays weren’t called anymore. I asked for those plays to be called and they weren’t, and it hurts, it hurts a lot, because of how we lost. I feel like we weren’t put in the right opportunity to win this game, we weren’t put in the right situation to win this game.”Elliott said his battle with the coaching staff to receive more carries was an ongoing struggle throughout the game, and he blamed the mismanagement for the loss.A slow first half has not been out of the ordinary for Elliott this season, such as against Indiana, but he has typically put up flashy numbers as the game wears on. In Saturday’s contest, however, he only received two handoffs in the second half after rushing 10 times for 30 yards in the first.“It’s kind of been something we’ve seen all season, honestly,” he said. “We’ll have some momentum, we’ll have some plays that work, and then we’ll try to get away from it, try to get cute and run some other stuff.”OSU coach Urban Meyer said after the game that the Spartans dominated the line of scrimmage and loaded up the box to make sure the run game was contained. Even so, Elliott thought he deserved more than his 12 carries — which is his lowest total since the season opener against Virginia Tech when he had 11 carries but 122 yards.Elliott said he was lobbying Meyer all game for more touches but to no avail.“I think I do deserve more than (12) carries,” the St. Louis native said. “I think I really do. I mean, honestly, I can’t speak for the play calling, I don’t know what was going on, I don’t know what they were seeing, but honestly it didn’t work out. It wasn’t working.”Speaking to his frustrations, Elliott said he was never able to receive an explanation for his sudden lack of usage.For Elliott, what made the evening really sting was the journey he took throughout the week to be able to step inside the lines.The junior said he was hospitalized from Monday through Wednesday after a cyst on his right leg became infected. Elliott said at one point he had a 103-degree fever and could not walk because of the pain from the infection.“I didn’t think I was going to play,” he said. “I was depressed in the hospital, crying like a baby, but things turned around, and I was able to go out and practice, no difficulty.”Elliott, who sported a black, protective pad on his right shin during the game, downplayed the infection, saying he was “100 percent.”Meyer echoed that.“He was fine,” the coach said. “He practiced Thursday. And he’s a warrior.”Meyer said the line of scrimmage was so clogged up that it hurt the ground game. Nevertheless, Elliott said he believed the offense would have churned out more than the 132 yards it did had he had an increased volume of carries.To add further insult to injury, the running back said his grandfather had flown in from Finland to watch him play, only to see his lowest rushing total since the Virginia Tech loss in 2014.“It kind of hurts that he has to see me go out like this,” Elliott said. “I just wish I was given an opportunity to do more.”By “go out,” Elliott was alluding to more than this season’s home finale. There is one more schedule game against Michigan, as well as a bowl game, but neither of those tilts will be in Ohio’s capital city. After that, Elliott’s collegiate years will be through, even with a year of eligibility remaining.“Honestly, this is my last game at the ‘Shoe,” Elliott said. “There’s no chance of me coming back next year.”Even with the usual motivation of a game against the Buckeyes’ archrival in the Wolverines, Elliott said he expects to see a side of himself and his teammates not present all season.“We’re hungry. I’m personally not going to let anyone slack off,” Elliott said. “This game means the world to us and everyone in Ohio, and we represent everyone in Ohio. We’re going to come out, and we’re going to play a hell of a ballgame, you’ll see. It’s going to look like a new team.”No matter what happens on the turf in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Saturday, Elliott said the scars from the loss to the Spartans will be hard for him to put in the rearview mirror.“I’m disappointed,” he said. “I’m disappointed in the play calling, I’m disappointed in the situations we were put in, and I wish it all played out differently.” read more

Mens Basketball Kaleb Wesson CJ Jackson lead Ohio State to 7662 win

Turnovers and Kaleb Wesson fouls.These were the areas that have continually caused trouble for Ohio State, and two of the main reasons the Buckeyes have lost six of their past seven games.Against Rutgers, the sophomore forward and Ohio State’s leading scorer returned to form, scoring 27 points on 10-of-12 shooting, including three 3s, to lead the Buckeyes to a 76-62 win against the Scarlet Knights.“The game today was, I think a complete game for us in a lot of ways,” head coach Chris Holtmann said. “Obviously Kaleb gave us a great lift there offensively … it was a good win.”Coming into the game, Wesson had 21 personal fouls and 13 made baskets in his past five games. On Saturday, Wesson scored 21 of his points in the first half, including the first 12 overall points for the Buckeyes and 19 of their first 24, finishing the half with zero fouls.The rest of the team scored 16 points and shot 5-of-19 in the first 20 minutes.“It’s been a tough stretch of games,” Wesson said. “I haven’t been scoring a lot, it just felt good to finally let the ball go in the rim, and my teammates finding me, it felt real good.”As Wesson’s foul trouble went away — Wesson didn’t record his first foul until more than 10 minutes into the second half — so did the turnover issues. A game after Ohio State recorded 19 turnovers against Michigan, the Buckeyes committed six turnovers, and zero in the first half.Ohio State’s first turnover of the game came 2:26 into the second half.“Last couple games, we’ve been shooting ourselves in the foot just having a lot of turnovers ,” senior guard C.J. Jackson said. “We have to do a little extra conditioning for turning the ball over, so I think that helped translate to today.”Kaleb Wesson found ways to stay in the game and out of foul trouble, but his brother didn’t.Junior forward Andre Wesson fouled out with 6:43 to go in the second half, finishing the game with five points, three rebounds and two assists on 1-of-6 shooting in 26 minutes.After holding the Scarlet Knights to 40.7 percent shooting and 25 percent from 3 in the first half, Rutgers found some space in the second half, shooting 13-of-28 overall.“I did not think we were as alert or as active defensively as we need to be, and that’s a concern for me,” Holtmann said. “Obviously our shot making can cover up some things, and we made 13 3s, and I think our guys took great shots and our guys screened well, and the quality of shot was a high level.”Ohio State maintained control in the second half through its offense, led mainly by Jackson.Jackson led the team with a plus-22, and finished the game with 20 points, shooting 57.1 percent from the field. 17 of his points came in the second half on 7-of-11 shooting.“We just wanted to stay aggressive, we wanted to come out and finish the 40 minutes that we always talk about,” Jackson said. “I looked to be a little bit more aggressive in the second half than in the first half, and my teammates found me in great positions.”Rutgers gained the lead early on in the game, scoring four layups to take an 8-4 lead. From there, the Buckeyes went on an 18-3 run to go up 22-11, a lead they didn’t give up for the rest of the game.Rebounding was an issue for Ohio State throughout the game, with Rutgers outrebounding the Buckeyes 21-12 in the first half, and finishing with a 36-25 advantage on the glass.Junior forward Eugene Omoruyi led the Scarlet Knights in major categories, scoring 19 points, and six assists, also adding eight rebounds. Freshman guard Luther Muhammad and redshirt senior guard Keyshawn Woods were the other two Buckeyes to finish the game in double figures, scoring 11 and 12 points, respectively.The victory is the fifth-best win for Ohio State thus far, according to KenPom.com, with Minnesota, UCLA, Creighton and Cincinnati being the teams ranked higher.Ohio State takes on Penn State at home at 7 p.m. on Thursday. read more

Mens Hockey Rohlik Nappier earn highest honors for Ohio State

Ohio State senior defender Sasha Larocque (3) and Ohio State senior forward Mason Jobst (26) hold the Big 10 trophy following game two against Michigan State on March 2. Ohio State lost 3-2. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorThe Big Ten announced Tuesday that Ohio State men’s hockey head coach Steve Rohlik was named the Coach of the Year by coaches and media.The selection was Rohlik’s second consecutive Coach of the Year award, this time coming by unanimous decision. Rohlik coached Ohio State to a 20-9-5 record in the regular season, good for the program’s first Big Ten regular season title.In the back end, sophomore goalie Tommy Nappier was named the Big Ten Goaltender of the Year, as well as a first team All-Big Ten member. Nappier’s 1.91 goals against average and .934 save percentage are the best of any goalie in the conference.Nappier was joined by senior forward Mason Jobst as the two Ohio State players selected as first team All-Big Ten members. Jobst leads the Buckeyes with 17 goals and 36 points.Senior defenseman Sasha Larocque was named as Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, and was named to the second team All-Big Ten group, while junior forward Tanner Laczynski was listed as an honorable mention, despite missing nine games this season.Rounding out the list of awards was freshman forward Gustaf Westlund, who was named to the Big Ten All-Freshman team.Ohio State awaits its selection to the NCAA tournament after falling to Penn State in the Big Ten tournament semifinals on Sunday. read more

Van Dijk Its an exciting time to be at Liverpool

Van Dijk Its an exciting time to be at Liverpool

first_imgVirgil van Dijk is still basking in the euphoria of Liverpool’s 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal to surge nine points clear at the top of the Premier League on Saturday.Klopp’s men recovered from an early setback after Ainsley Maitland-Niles’ put the Gunners ahead to win 5-1 courtesy of Roberto Firmino’s hat-trick and strikes by Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah.However, the Dutch defender is keen on taking each game at a time despite playing 20 games of the season unbeaten.“Anything [is possible]. That’s how we should go out there and play – anything is possible,” Van Dijk revealed via the club’s site after the final whistle.Virgil van Dijk, NetherlandsVan Dijk isn’t better than Messi & Ronaldo, says Van der Vaart Andrew Smyth – September 12, 2019 Rafael van der Vaart reckons Virgil van Dijk is “special”, but he’s still behind Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the world’s best players.“You still need to do it on the pitch but we are on a good way and we feel good. It’s obviously tough these days but it’s a great time to be a Liverpool player – and also a fan I think.“We still need to improve a lot of things but obviously we’re very happy with the situation at the moment.“We want to keep going and keep working hard and keep the intensity high, to make sure we keep doing well. That’s the only thing for it.”last_img read more

Two fires break out within a block of each other in Chula

Two fires break out within a block of each other in Chula

first_img 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsCHULA VISTA (KUSI) – Two fires that broke out within a block of each other destroyed two trailers at a mobile home park and damaged at least two apartment units Monday morning in Chula Vista, authorities said.A non-injury blaze broke out around 6:35 a.m. at a mobile home park in the 200 block of Broadway, Chula Vista Fire Battalion Chief Chris Manroe said.Firefighters arrived and found one trailer fully engulfed and two adjacent trailers were beginning to catch fire, Manroe said. Crews knocked the flames down within 20 minutes, but two trailers were destroyed by the blaze and a third sustained damage to the outside of the unit, he said.Then, emergency personnel at the scene of the first fire spotted smoke nearby and notified dispatchers around 7:15 a.m. that it was coming from the 200 block of Woodlawn Avenue, Manroe said. Firefighters responded to the two-story apartment complex and found flames coming from at least two apartment units on the second floor.Crews knocked down the flames around 8:35 a.m., a CVFD dispatcher said.It was not immediately clear how many units were damaged or if anyone was injured by the second fire.The causes of both fires were under investigation. KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom Updated: 10:47 PM Not one but two serious fire locations in Chula Vista, blocks away from each other, two mobile homes destroyed in a mobile hm park, two apartments gutted and many others damaged here, no deaths, but a burn victim and smoke victim here at the Atherton apts pic.twitter.com/JyGiflvSZR— Ed Lenderman (@EdLendermanKUSI) March 18, 2019 Posted: March 18, 2019 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Two fires break out within a block of each other in Chula Vista March 18, 2019last_img read more